"Thinking of You"
Album artwork:
Artist: A Perfect Circle
Album: Mer de Noms
Length: 4:34
Versions: Thinking of You
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Thinking of You is the tenth track on Mer de Noms.


lying all alone and restless.
unable to lose this image.
sleepless, unable to focus on anything but
your surrender.
tugging a rhythm to the vision that's in
my head.
tugging a beat to the sight of you lying
so delighted with your new understanding.
there's something about a little evil that
makes that unmistakable noise i was
that unmistakable sound i know so well.
spent and sighing with that look in your
spent and sweating with a look on your
face like
sweet revelation.
sweet surrender.
thinking of you.
thinking of you.
sweet revelation.
sweet surrendering.

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