"The Hollow"
Album artwork:
Artist: A Perfect Circle
Album: Mer de Noms
Length: 2:58
Versions: The Hollow
The Hollow (2001 Radio Mix)
The Hollow (Constantly Consuming Mix)
The Hollow (The Bunk Mix)
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The Hollow single artwork:
The Hollow is the first track on Mer de Noms.

The Hollow was chosen as a single from Mer De Noms.

The Hollow has two remixes on the aMOTION CD. One by Paz Lenchantin and one by Troy Van Leeuwen and Josh Abraham.


run, desire, run this sexual being
run him like a blade to & through the
no conscience, one motive...
to cater to the hollow.
screaming feed me, fill me up again.
temporarily pacify this hungering.
so, grow, libido, throw dominoes of
indiscretions down.
falling all around in cycles/circles.
constantly consuming.
conquer and devour.
it's time to bring this fire down.
bridle all this indiscretion
long enough to edify and permanently fill
this hollow.
feed me, fill me up again.
temporarily pacify this hungering.

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