"Telling Ghosts"
Album artwork:
Artist: Puscifer
Album: Conditions Of My Parole
Length: 4:49
Versions: Telling Ghosts
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Telling Ghosts single artwork:
Telling Ghosts
Telling Ghosts is the fourth track on Conditions Of My Parole.


Echoes and specters and ghosts of none the wiser.
Apparitions each of bad decisions brush on by.
Envious in the ever after.
Electric fuzzy haze of regrets and dreams denied.

More you take the more you need.
The more you suck the more you bleed.
The dead know better, So listen to the letter.
The more you suck the more you bleed.

Paramount to pompous, disregard the cipher.
Ignorant, the Gluttons and the Needy rush on by these
Messages from the ever after.
Dead letter office. Deliverance denied.

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